Recent Projects

Time Management

While working for Time Management Corp., I assisted the creative team with the development of their new website.

I brought attention to and illustrated ways for the team to use AJAX with their DOM object’s structure. Wanting to build more SEO value, I provided them with how to allow different search engines to crawl their pages.

ICS325 Homepage

ICS325 Homepage

This is the homepage project for my ICS325 class at Metropolitan State University.

The purpose of this page was to track my on-going PHP project for the class. Each step of the project asked us students to continue expanding on class project. Some of the items included adding SSL for our checkout process, incorporating a login process for users to create, manage and log in to our site, as well as creating our own shopping cart.

I am currently in the process of re-setting up this my class project. As the class was some time ago, it is no longer hosted by our school. Luckily I had the project files and will host it myself. Please check back if you are interested in seeing my final project.

Please note that I will not be incorporating the SSL at this point due to costs associated with this feature.

Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL and MySQL