ICS311 Database Concepts

ERD Diagram for class project.

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During my time in ICS311, we went through different Database Concepts, SQL queries, building Conceptional – Logical – Physical ERD’s, Query Processing and Indexing.

Throughout the course, we were given written statements and conversations from different members of a company and were asked to design their database. Starting with the conceptual ERD, we began thinking out and orchestrating the system. Once the conceptual concept was created, we then worked on building the logical concept. Keeping with database normalization, we were asked to make sure the database conformed with 3NF (third normal form). When we were certain the system was designed properly, we build out the physical database and performed queries against it to validate the concept and ensure the database was built in a useful and manageable way.

Towards the end of the course, our instructor showed us the importance of query processing to ensure our queries were built in a way that returned only the necessary information so our queries were not performing unnecessary tasks. Through relational algebra, we determined the most optimized queries for our database.

The files contain my ERD, query processing and indexing.

Technologies used: MySQL, phpMyAdmin, SQL