ICS325 Subtle Clothing

Subtle Clothing Project

For my ICS325 class, my class project was to create a PHP based website that incorporated several items. Some of these items were:

  • Read/Write to a files
  • Incorporate Regular Expressions into our validation
  • Valid data correctly with our Regular Expressions
  • Allow users to create accounts and be able to administer their account
  • Authenticate users against our MySQL database
  • Manage products (create, update, delete)
  • Allow users to add items to a shopping cart
  • Once items are in the shopping cart, allow users to checkout
  • Incorporate a checkout process that updated users throughout each step of the checkout process
  • Implement SSL during the checkout process
  • Make sure every page validates against W3C HTML & CSS validation services

Unfortunately, my school removed my project from the hosted server so I no longer have a link to this page.

I recently got a copy of my files and will be working on putting them up on my website. Please check back soon for this.

Languages used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, SQL and MySQL