Time Management Corp

Time Management


While working for Time Management Corp., I assisted the creative team with the development of their new website.

I brought attention to and illustrated ways for the team to use AJAX with their DOM object’s structure. Wanting to build more SEO value, I provided them with how to allow different search engines to crawl their pages.

Pink Bow City

Pink Bow City


I assisting a friend with their e-commerce website as they were going through changes, upgrades, and issues with their custom theme for WordPress.

Language used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and WordPress

Alternative Brand Marketing

Alternative Brand Marketing


I was hired to build an administrative console for Alternative Brand Marketing’s (ABM) portfolio. This project was done using PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery which allows users who work for ABM to upload new events content, edit past event content and create new clients.

I also assisted ABM in malware cleanup after an attack. I implemented a strategy to protect their server from further attacks as well as cleaned up extra WordPress installs which were allowing entry.

Language used: PHP, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery w/ MySQL

Do You Know Who I Am?

Do You Know Who I Am?


I was hired by a fellow developer to assist with Do You Know Who I Am’s image upload system. The problem they were having was that thumbnail images were not being created and uploaded to the server.

Through investigating their code I found an issue with their conditional statements when identifying the file type. I was able to correct this issue and allow for thumbnails to be created and saved to the specified folder.

Language used: PHP