Selectors, Specificity, and the Cascade

Selectors, Specificity, and the Cascade

Author: Eric A. Meyer’s

Book: CSS: The Definitive Guide.

From this short excerpt, the 4th Edition would be a great book for web developers of all different experience levels. As CSS is and will be continually improving, understanding the basics and best practices is vital for any developer. This book covers many items that can be easily forgotten and add a fresh reminder of the different ways of selecting elements. This excerpt does not just show you how to write CSS for websites but also touches on other technologies, such as XML, and how CSS can be leveraged them.

Eric A. Meyer’s also touches on common mistakes, some being in the form of an anecdote.

Although at the time of this writing the 4th edition has not been released, O’Reilly is releasing this book chapter by chapter, as each chapter is finished, so you don’t have to wait to start reading the new edition.

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